Creative Commons: What is it and why do I need to know about it?

Because we share material publicly, and both we and our students are all creating, or soon will be creating public works. Creative Commons-licensed works make using and sharing creativity easier.

Creative Commons Website
Creative Commons License Types (scroll down this page a little ways to the heading "Licenses" and read about the six types of license.

Using Material in Lessons and Publications:

When we share material in class and when we or our students become publishers, we need to exercise care in using materials created by others.

Public domain materials can always be used, but aren't always that easy to find.


Materials with Creative Commons licenses greatly expand what's available:

What Role Does Fair Use Play?

Fair Use laws do permit some reasonable uses of copyrighted materials.

Code of Best Practices in Fair Use for Media Literacy Education

Blog posting by Teacher Librarian Joyce Valenza on Fair Use

More information, lesson plans, and links from Temple University School of Communications and Theater

Finding Creative Commons and Copyright-Friendly Materials is a great resource for finding images that have been uploaded by museums, libraries, and individuals from all over the world. Many of these images have been assigned Creative Commons licenses, so you are allowed to use them in published works without first contacting the copyright holder for permission. Be sure, though, to use the Advanced Search option and click the Creatve Commons box. You need to recheck the Creative Commons box each time you do a new search. will search Flickr for you and limit your results to just Creative Commons images. It also provides the citation for you to easily copy and paste.

Another way to search for Creative Commons materials is at the Creative Commons site.

Check this pathfinder created by Joyce Valenza (Springfield Township HS Teacher Librarian) for many great sites for images and more and this wiki page for many more sites for images.

Workshop Prezi: