Considerations for teachers in developing viable and guaranteed curriculum*:
1. Create do-able content. Are you able to cover everything you need to in the amount of time you have?
2. Establish challenging goals.
3. Create tools to receive valuable feedback from students.
4. Plan a safe and orderly classroom environment.
5. Form solid instructional strategies.
a. Identify similarities and differences in content.
b. Teach summarizing and note taking.
c. Reinforce and provide recognition to students.
d. Emphasize homework and practice.
e. Build in cooperative learning.
f. Check for understanding.
6. Develop classroom management philosophy and style.
7. Design classroom curriculum.
a. What information from the text will be emphasized?
b. Identify activities that will enhance learning.
c. Identify what skills must be mastered.
d. How can ideas be presented that highlight their similarities?
8. Teach learned intelligence by reinforcing background knowledge.
9. Develop strategies and dispositions that motivate students to learn.
*Marzano (2005). School Leadership.